HIV and the Church


Go on a PEACE Trip

What is a HIV or Orphans PEACE Trip?

As part of the PEACE Plan, the HIV&AIDS and Orphan Care Initiatives offer the opportunity to join others in working alongside churches all around the globe implementing the CHURCH and ORPHAN strategies.

Where do you go?

PEACE Teams have travelled to 194 countries. Currently, most the HIV and Orphan Care PEACE Trips are focusing on Rwanda.

Who can go?

The answer is YOU! There is an application process, and extensive training, but YOU may be eligible to go on a PEACE trip. Have a heart for the orphan, the sick, those infected and affected by HIV? is the place to get connected. Whether you are a concerned individual, or if you are part of a group, there is an opportunity for you. Professionals (nurses, physicians, social workers, etc.) can put their skills and knowledge to work for PEACE, but even those without the professional background can help the sick and the orphan! To learn more, contact Elizabeth Styffe @

What would I do?

HIV PEACE teams are helping implement the CHURCH strategy, and the Clinical Church. Training churches in a simple six-step strategy and equipping them to care is the primary goal.

Orphan Care PEACE teams are helping empty orphanages by equipping the local church to reunite children to their families of origin or find adoptive families within their own communities and beyond using the ORPHAN Strategy.

More details are provided in the mandatory training which includes several days at Saddleback Church.

What are the costs and how long is the trip?

Every person accepted on the team provides their own funding. Costs vary according to the time of year. Most trips last 14 days.

For more information, visit