HIV and the Church


Welcome to the Website

Hi! I’m Kay Warren, co-founder of Saddleback Church and the founder of the HIV/AIDS Initiative. I’m so glad you found us! There is SO MUCH to share with you! Whether you’re a pastor or a church leader looking for information on how to start an HIV&AIDS ministry in your church, or you’re newly diagnosed with HIV and you don’t know how to handle it, or you’ve heard about Saddleback’s outreach to people with HIV&AIDS and are interested in figuring out why and how we do what we do, it’s all here.

We’ve got stories to tell:

  • my story about how God got my attention about the AIDS pandemic and changed the direction of my life
  • the story of Saddleback Church and its commitment to be a part of the efforts to end AIDS
  • the stories of people living with HIV like David, John, Kathy, Dave, and Austin
  • the stories of children whose mom and dad are living with HIV and what it was like when they found out that their parents were positive

We have videos, downloadable resources, a weekly blog from people living with the virus and leaders of ministries. We have pie charts and bar graphs, statistics, analysis, the most current medical findings, advice, places to get an HIV test, the difference between slowing the pandemic and stopping it, how you can help orphans and vulnerable children, the connection between HIV and orphans, where to find an HIV support group, be a part of a CARE team and the difference that the church can make in this pandemic. You name it….we’ve got it.

So jump in…select a tab…start reading…start watching…start acting…start now!